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Living A Full Life With Mental Health Issues

I finished my certification training! I feel like I passed with flying colors, but we shall see in a couple of weeks or so.

Had a good, but extremely hectic past week. Which explains why I missed the monday blog post yesterday. Training, plus trying to finish moving into my new apartment. I absolutely love this place, though!

Went with my hero, my Dad, out on the town in the downtown area near here. Bought coffee from a local coffee shop (I’m trying to get away from Folger’s!), visited some unique stores, and saw amazing art along the way. (Peep the art mural we saw, above!)

I desperately need rest with how much I’m going, and going, these days. Rest is much needed, for sure! And I hope to get in on that, soon.

Another announcement I have, is I will be on another podcast tomorrow, out of Minnesota. Not sure when it will posted, but I will let you guys know. So stay tuned!

Thanks for reading! And until next time!



So, the podcast is officially up! I had an amazing host, River T, out of Britain. There were very good questions posed and I cannot wait to share with you guys! Here is the link to it: Opening Up With River T – Ep. 11.

I actually have a second podcast with someone else in a couple of weeks. So stay tuned for that, too.

With all the busy of moving out, moving the pets to a new place, buying furniture, and work, I have to be honest, I have not been able to work on anything with my book. I hate to further delay it, but I’m trying to get into the swing of things that have changed recently. I will be getting to the nitty-gritty with the book, though, as much as I can. Going back to where it all started, and I am really happy to be able share that with you guys!

Also, I submitted my story to The Mighty. Which is a very good website to connect with others that may be dealing with things you can relate to. Both physical and mental health related issues, as well as, life issues.

Here is the link to that story: How Schizoaffective Disorder Took Over My Life… And How I Reclaimed It.

I hope you guys are well. Enjoy this picture of my Fiance with all our pets.

Thanks for reading! And until next time!

Hey guys!

I wrote into The Mighty. Which is a health website for both physical and mental health issues, as well as a forum/community. I sent my story in about the time I was sick with psychosis. I didn’t think much would come from it, because the submit page said they can’t get a chance to read all submissions. Lo and behold, I get an email a few days later saying they want to publish my story and want to make me a regular contributing writer for The Mighty.

So, that’s awesome news! To read my article about how Schizoaffective took over my life, and a bit of my journey to recovery, CLICK HERE!

Also, I will be on River T’s podcast Opening Up With River T, tomorrow, October 29th, 2019. I am not sure when the podcast will be aired. I will definitely let you know when, come next Monday. So, very exciting!

His Twitter tag is: @RiverT1999.

I will update next monday on more that’s going on. So stay tuned!

Thanks for reading! And until next time!

Hey guys!

I am in the process of moving, so I do apologize for skipping a week, as I’ve been so busy. I’m totally ready to get out of here and into a bigger place. I went to IKEA, as you can see above (that is my fiance in the photo), and I’m so ready to decorate my new place and have a theme. I’m considering putting a Salvador Dali or Rene Magritte painting on my walls to give the place a quirky feel. What do you think?

Also, I will be on a couple of podcasts (as it is planned atm), speaking about my story, and how I’ve come to be where I am now in my life. Very excited for you guys to see them. I will link them when they are posted. So stay tuned for that!

I have finally mustered up some time and will be continuing to work on my book about my story. That is a really long project in the making. I’m not even sure when it will be finished.

With all that said, I was speaking to my sister last night. She asked me if I was enjoying my job as a Peer Support Specialist. I told her that it was not just the best job ever, but the ability to see everyone’s personality, hear their stories, and to see what everyone is about and how they deal with society in their own ways, is beyond fulfilling to me. I honestly believe I was made to be in this position and made to help others, as well as, turn the tide and change the conversation about mental health and how we treat those dealing with severe mental illness.

Thanks, guys!

Thanks for reading! And until next time!


Hey guys!

Hope your weekend was kind to you! I have been absolutely exhausted due to a new raise on the dosage of my medication. I had debated about raising it with my doctor, for about 2 months. We did it, and now I seem unable to function daily with this new dosage so far. I’ve only been on it for a week, and I am so tired when I feel like I shouldn’t be.

I have a question for you guys. I had thoughts about making a sort of mental health planner. It would be somewhat like a regular planner, but it would have a mental health focus to it. Where you could, maybe, write down moods, journal, etc, maybe even have a place to write about your medications.

Would you guys buy it?

Let me know if this is worth it!

(BTW: Went to a petting zoo. Saw this little piggie!)

Thanks for reading! And until next time!


I am STILL in training at work for my certification for Peer Support Specialist. It’s been put on hold. The actual certification. So I am currently still shadowing other employees. It is so much fun, though!

I have done a few things in the past week. I am, for one, getting set up with a personal counselor to talk about different issues I’m experiencing in my life. I am also getting my lower back checked out, because apparently I have compressed disks. So I need to go in for an MRI.

I have also started on my vision board! Which you can see above. I mailed six people, who I’m close in friendship with, post-it note pads. I asked them to write me affirmations, and send it back to me. So far I have received two, with one person refusing to do it, unfortunately. I need to view other people’s vision boards to get an idea of how I’d like to do mine.

If you have one, post a picture of it!

Thanks for reading! And until next time!

I should’ve seen it coming a mile way. I’m know myself better than anyone, right? Better than any doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, right? But I thought I would be fine.

I’m late posting this, very late, because today (see: this morning) I went through a grueling emotional rollercoaster, and physical turmoil. I didn’t have my medication. I was out, and I hadn’t slept all night.

I was out due to some error on either my pharmacy’s side, or my doctor’s side. Which ended up having to have my medication pre-authorized, but I was out. I was already feeling the physical, mental, and emotional withdrawals that come with antipsychotic withdrawals.

I was told I would have to pay out of pocket to get the medication, or wait days for it to be pre-authorized. I decided to pay out of pocket. Went up to a local pharmacy, and they quoted me at $400. Which I did not have. I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I turned around and looked at my fiance, and began to spiral at the pharmacy, emotionally. The lady asked if me I wanted to wait for the authorization. I almost said yes, but instead said, “Can you use GoodRx?”. She said “Yes”, and I prayed for a lower price. She told me it would be $52 dollars total. I went and shopped for groceries, and came back, nervously. She said they didn’t have enough in stock, but she could give me a 3 days supply, and I can come back in three days and get the rest. That I wouldn’t have to pay anything for today.

I breathed a sigh of relief, and my thoughts calmed in my head. I looked over at my fiance, and gave him a look of relief, but a look of the fear I had been holding in all day.

I should’ve seen it coming, missing a night’s and day’s worth of medication, but I didn’t. For one, this was a semi-new medication for me, so I didn’t know what to expect with missing a day’s worth of pills. I thought I could will myself through it, though. That was my biggest mistake. I’ve already been under enough stress while on all my medications. So, I’m not quite sure what made think I could be ok going without, especially when I didn’t know how long I’d be without.

Thanks for reading! And until next time!

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