The Dopamine Flux

Living A Full Life With Mental Health Issues

Not happy about the county mental health clinic changing my psychiatrist up on me. RIGHT before I leave out the door when I am making my appointment. It upset me so much that I felt the need to runaway for about a week or so.

im currently trying to make plans to take off somewhere in the united states, OTHER than this state. anywhere but here.

For a bit I thought I thought I was doing well with no voices for about a week or two. I just realized an hour ago I have been hearing them even more. I sort of know why. I think the slight increase in stress with getting my insurance cut off, even though I know medicare will replace it. Also definitely the change in my psychiatrists put on me out of the blue (EXTREMELY angry about that). And other stuff. I just didnt notice because ive been paying less attention to if i am hearing voices and just interacted with them more I guess. Which is probably why Ive felt less bored. Just to be honest.

I want to get away from most of this mental health stuff someday. Instead of engaging in analyzing stuff like “am I hearing voices more” or something of that nature. I have been doing well to get away from it the past few months. But more I get away from it though the more it comes towards me in some way.

2 thoughts on “My Slight Increase In Stressors Would Be A Major Life Change For You

  1. Lady swan says:

    I hope someday that you won’t hear voices I’m pretty sure a lot of people in the world hear voices and their head they just ignore it and go on with their lives Some people tell me they hear voices and they just tell it to go away they just don’t acknowledge it but you just have to learn how to be strong, and keep your foot grounded.


  2. kaynicolley says:

    I often find myself trying to get out of the state I live in and move to another state, that maybe the voices and the people I see would all stay here and leave me the hell alone. But… I have no motivation to leave, I have 2 kids and a husband, and they live here, I have some sort of logical thinking in me that says I can’t just uproot everyone’s life for myself… I guess that’s the selflessness of a mother for you, though. I do, however, find myself going on extremely long walks without getting tired. Those make me feel somewhat better.


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