The Dopamine Flux

Living A Full Life With Mental Health Issues

I feel a strong need to run away. Or do something on my own.

i still live under much help from my parent. and they helpp me do things – daily life stuff and important stuff. whatever. grocery shopping. doctors appointments. banking. my parent drives me 99% of the time everywhere. i cant think of much more off the top of my head but i think the pictures been drawn out fairly ok for you. Nothing more personal than that.

All that because of fear. Paranoia. Sometimes episodes where I may be confused or partially/fully incoherent from an episode.

I want to start doing things on my own. But I know if I do…a lot of shit will go wrong. Am I willing to sacrifice possibly more hospital stays but lets hope not anything more than that this time? Yea…I think I might be, I dont know. But why? Because I feel i have nothing too much more to lose in life. And I’m not doing anything anyway….

One thought on “Whats To Lose?

  1. mimi says:

    I believe you can be on your own, and yes it will take a risk. The reality is anyone of us can have a meltdown at any moment. I want to see you prosper and I truly believe you can.

    I encourage you to get ahold of the case management/ social worker and get the assistance that you are entitled to. There is help for you with all the paperwork and red tape, it requires diligence and persistence, but I believe you are strong enough to make it.

    I am not going to sugar coat it. Life is tough.

    You are tougher.


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