The Dopamine Flux

Living A Full Life With Mental Health Issues

i get my injection now once a month. about a week and a half into it i get tired. very sedated. during the middle (about two weeks in) im ok. not many voices or paranoia. a week and a half or so before the next one its already wearing off. ive got voices now. harsh. severe paranoia. the whole thing is weird. and kind of bad.

2 thoughts on “My Haldol Injection

  1. They have me on a mix of an older drug called Trilafon and something for anxiety and depression. I take them everyday and I manage ok. I still have voices but the paranoia has lessened. My best to you.


    1. Moze Pray says:

      Thank you. I guess ill have to live with the fact ill always still have voices and paranoia. kinda sucks. the more i take these meds the more i need them. i took trilafon before but it made me too tired/sedated. haldol doesnt seem to have too bad of a side effect. its just the sedation can sometimes be too much. thank you.


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