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the secret of the case manager

let me spell this out

for a reason unknown to me and confusing – i cant get a case manager.

ive been told everything from “you should have one”. “you should have one already”. to reading that i cant get one.

ive been hospitalized where in multiple places they told me multple times that i need one or should already have one. but i dont have one.

im actually confused as to what these people do anymore. i read conflicting things about what their job actually entails. but the thing is – from what i know – is that if they do help with getting you back on track and helping with insurance or schooling or finding a place to live or checking with you – – – then i could really use one…

xanax binges

i know no one here understands me or prob even cares. so why do i write this blog? i dont know.

i just wanted to say that.


im doing something i call xanax binges. where i take a few pills and then pass out. when i take up i take a few more. pass out. and so on for a few days or so. because i just want to forget about the world. and the best possible way is to do that is to sleep like away like that fairy tale where that guy sleeps for years. i wish i could do that.this haldol injection makes me quite depressed.

i just started another installment of bingeing tonight. i lose time and memory. thank god.

i never was a drug addict. and i dont consider xanax as being one.but maybe i am. i dont think id mind being one.

this one time i did a binge i was so out of it waking up i had set something in my house on fire. and didnt remmebr it til next day. but had pictures i taken of myself of setting papers on fire.


this haldol makes me quite miserable. depressed.

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