Monthly Archives: January 2017

Possible Book?

I don’t get a lot of people reading my blog and over the past few years have only 86 subscribers. I find those few to be loyal. 

I recently came across a book in my library called “The Diary Of A Teenager With Schizoaffective Disorder” by Gaynor Jackson. It was self published on Amazon through a self publishing company. Ever since I had that book my thought process has lead me to want to write one. Not to make money but to share my story.

I would like to hear others’ thoughts and advice on writing a book. I wonder if anyone would even buy it, to be honest. It would be comprised of diary writings from being in the hospital and years after when I came to be content even though I am still not happy. I wasn’t content before so that’s a big change in itself.

Let me know fellow readers and subscribers. 

If a thirteen-year-old could do it, I would like to share my story, too.

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