The Dopamine Flux

Living A Full Life With Mental Health Issues

Hey guys!

I wrote into The Mighty. Which is a health website for both physical and mental health issues, as well as a forum/community. I sent my story in about the time I was sick with psychosis. I didn’t think much would come from it, because the submit page said they can’t get a chance to read all submissions. Lo and behold, I get an email a few days later saying they want to publish my story and want to make me a regular contributing writer for The Mighty.

So, that’s awesome news! To read my article about how Schizoaffective took over my life, and a bit of my journey to recovery, CLICK HERE!

Also, I will be on River T’s podcast Opening Up With River T, tomorrow, October 29th, 2019. I am not sure when the podcast will be aired. I will definitely let you know when, come next Monday. So, very exciting!

His Twitter tag is: @RiverT1999.

I will update next monday on more that’s going on. So stay tuned!

Thanks for reading! And until next time!

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