The Dopamine Flux

Living A Full Life With Mental Health Issues

The catch-up week was good. I finished pretty much everything I needed to do.

I turned in my TEDx video pitch for the nomination I received. I did not end up going to the poetry jam, because I have been super tired with medication changes, but I planned out some other things for the rest of the month and next year!

I will be going to back to school in January. It’s very exciting for me, and I can’t wait at all! I will be a part time student. I also have decided on a small vacation I will be taking with my Fiance after Christmas. So that should be fun. As well as, I’ve FINALLY been working on my book, my autobiography. I want to set the date for it to be out September 2020 (flexible date). So we will see how that will work out between school, work, and various other things. I will be working on my book sporadically throughout the year.

We have put up our tree for Christmas, and we are enjoying this new place, and it’s wonderful! We will make great memories here.

Pray that I get the spot in the TEDx speaking engagement! I will know in January if I get it! I will be on 3 or 4 new podcasts in the next couple of months. I’ll definitely post them when they are aired! I’ve been racking up the minutes playing Pokemon Sword lately. Haha!

Thanks for reading! And until next time!


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