The Dopamine Flux

Living A Full Life With Mental Health Issues

It’s been a really tough past week for me. I don’t have the correct medications to get me through the day, and subsequently I’ve been not the best. Money is tight, as well.

Thank God for the love of the people around me. My Dad, and my friend, Tamara. Without either of them, I know I couldn’t do the stuff I do. It’s not just them, though, it’s a few other people. I’d like to give gratitude towards the people that have helped me this year, for Christmas. My Dad, my Mom, my Fiance, and my friends. Thank you so much!

We have taken a family picture, but the dogs were not cooperating. So, we put their pictures in separately. And my cat wants to act like she was taken hostage. Haha!

Make sure to give gratitude this Christmas, for what you have. Whether it’d be something physical, or a piece of wisdom you take with you everywhere! I may not post next Monday. I’m debating whether I should or not. Since it’s the week of Christmas, and things have slowed down a bit with me.

Best wishes & Merry Christmas!


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