The Dopamine Flux

Living A Full Life With Mental Health Issues

I have a number of things I’d like to announce, or talk about.

First, I bought Pokemon Sword back in November of 2019, when it came out. I am happy to say I have completed the whole gameplay, all the way through. It’s not so much about the game, as it is, I was able to finish something I started. I haven’t finished a video game in over 10 years, and I usually start one, play for 30 minutes, and then never again. I feel like finishing one is a testament to how well I am doing in life, at the moment. I finished what I started, and I was patient with it.

I’m close to the date of when I am starting college courses, again. It’s still a bit of basics, until I land on something that interests me. Go sun devils!

I have not heard from the local art collective that I submitted my poetry to, unfortunately. Im not sure if I will hear back at all from them. Also, have not heard from the TEDx committee, but it’s also pretty early still for that. Of course, the Brooklyn Art Library project is on such a standstill for me, I’m not even sure if I will be turning it in on time. Which makes me feel crappy.

There’s a HUGE waiting game going on right now. As I have to hear back from 5 or 6 people, and I’ve heard nothing yet.

On a lighter note, I have put up my Mary Magdalene holy water holder that my mother gave me. She is Catholic, and while I dont particularly believe in the exact belief system of Catholicism, I respect it, and it’s actually very interesting.

Mary Magdalene Statue w/ holy water bowl
My starter pick for Pokemon Sword. My good friend sent this plushie of Scorbunny to me in the mail.
Did I mention I went to San Antonio recently?
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