The Dopamine Flux

Living A Full Life With Mental Health Issues

Life doesn’t always turn out how you want it. Although, that’s the beauty of life, right? Something doesn’t go the way you want it, and then some opportunity comes along that is much, much better.

This applies to my life. I got rejected for wanting to blog for a website online recently. At first, I was like “wow…”, but then I was thinking that it’s ok. This might be for a reason, and it’s ok. The one thing I may strive for (even though this particularly wasn’t) I may not get the position, but the great thing is, what else is coming my way that may be 10x better?

That is definitely learned gratitude. Full stop. Experiences can humbles you, and if you take it in and realize you can learn from it, you are so much better off than you were before. Even if its 10 minutes before, or an hour, or yesterday. The important thing is, that you dont let it eat you to peices to where you feel like you dont want to try again. That’s the only way you can truly fail.

The only way you can truly fail is by quitting, and that does happen sometimes where you really have to just give in. Though, you can always go back and try, try again, or take on something similar to it. And don’t mistake humbleness with weakness, or inferiority. It’s a learned thing, as well. To realize that you arent the best of the best, then that’s when the real personal growth starts happening inside you.

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