The Dopamine Flux

Living A Full Life With Mental Health Issues

Life is supposed to be what you make it, but you can make it all you want, and certain situations or things won’t exactly come to you. In other cases, there will be massive up periods, and then massive down periods. So, what about doing all you can possibly do, and then going with the flow every so often?

I’ve had some scares recently, in my family, and my personal life. Some things didn’t go my way, or didn’t go how I thought they would. Slowly, those things seemed to have worked themselves mostly out. Both by direct intervention and just going with the flow.

The wonderful thing is, sometimes being that person who doesn’t have an exact schedule for every second of their lives will work out. It’s ok to have a schedule, and it’s ok not to. The inherent busy-ness we collect from society, friends, and family, can be so stressful. The need for self-care in modern society is so highly valuable and very much needed. I’ve heard of millennials taking on multiple jobs, with two jobs being the norm for that age range. The fact that money is so powerful and needed the way it is, is depressing, to say the least.

Think about it, the need for money in order to live a “normal” life, versus, the many things that actually make us happy but we can’t necessarily live on. Love is one thing that comes to mind. People think of love, and they think of someone who understands them, and accepts them for who they are. It’s what most of us want. In reality, going deeper into love and seeing that forever person in your life forever can almost require lots of money. You have the money needed to be married, the place to live, the food to share, the utilities to live where you want or need to. Now, one can think that, that doesn’t really matter, but the further into your life you go (and grow) with a person, the more money is required seems like. Sex doesn’t cost anything, but that baby that is conceived will (if you are straight and the woman has a baby).

Luckily, sometimes going with the flow, and enjoying life for what it is (and not planning every second of your life down to a point), can be amazing. Suddenly, the money needed to buy you two a house/rent an apartment/get a cute valentines gift/etc, doesn’t matter so much.

It’s easy to be worried about money, especially when you are on a tight budget. Although, going with the flow and sometimes getting that little something, whether for yourself or someone else, is nice. The schedule you’ve made for yourself for that day is no longer a worry. You took that time to enjoy your day by going with the flow. Oh, and as the time passed, you realize that, that item you wanted just went to 50% off, or the job you’ve been waiting for just emailed you back, or you’re feeling better from a sickness.

It’s then that you realize that life is what you have made it. You let the stress go and you went with the flow. Look at you!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid To Blow Off Your Daily Schedule

  1. Great post! Can’t wait to see more!


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